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07.19.2017 Weekly Global Update for July 19, 2017

Europe Update; World Semiconductor Revenue Forecast to Increase 16.8% y/y to $401.4 Billion in 2017; World SEMI Equipment Sales Projected to Increase 19.8% to Total $49.4 Billion In 2017; World PC Shipments Declined 4.3% y/y to 61.1 Million Units in 2Q’17; Global Tablet Shipments Decreased 30.8% to 36 Million Units in 1Q’17; World IT Spending Forecast to Grow 2.4% y/y to $3.5 Trillion in 2017; U.S. Industrial Production up 0.4% in June

07.14.2017 Continuing Progress on the Anti-Counterfeiting Front

There may be a temptation to conclude that after a flurry of activity 12 months ago nothing of great moment is occurring with regard to the design, development and licensing of technology aimed at reducing the harmful effects of counterfeiting, Any such assessment, however, would be grossly misleading.

07.13.2017 Semiconductors Versus Connectors

The worldwide electronics industry has been back on a growth path for the last 12 months. Connector and semiconductor sales are a good telltale of the electronic industry’s health. After a contraction in 2015, connector sales have been on a growth path since April 2016, a 14-month run. Semiconductor sales returned to growth in August 2016 and continue to grow, racking up 10 consecutive months of growth. The projections for the remainder of 2017 look good.

07.12.2017 Weekly Global Update for July 12, 2017

Global Semiconductor Sales Increased 22.6% Y/Y to $31.9 Billion in May; PMI Leading Indicators for June; U.S. May Shipments, Orders & Inventories for Domestic Electronic Supply Chain; China to Kick Off 5G Commercialization by 2020; IT Infrastructure Spending for Cloud Environments will increase 12.4% Y/Y in 2017 to $40.1 Billion; Taiwan-based PC-related IC Suppliers Positive about 3Q’17 Outlook; AMOLED Fine Metal Mask Market to Grow at 38% CAGR from $234 Million in 2017 to $1.2 Billion in 2022

07.05.2017 Weekly Global Update for July 5, 2017

May U.S. Electronics Shipments & Orders; N American PCB Shipments down 3.1% y/y & Bookings decreased 7.3% y/y in May 2017; DRAM ASPs to Rise 5% Sequentially in 3Q’17 as Supply Remains Tight; Worldwide Cloud IT Infrastructure Revenues Grew 14.9% to $8 Billion in 1Q’17; World CMOS Image Sensors Sales Expected to Increase 8.7% CAGR from $11.5 billion in 2017 to $15.9 billion in 2021; Worldwide Wearables Market to Nearly Double by 2021; China “Official” Manufacturing PMI was 51.7 in June; Metal Prices

06.28.2017 Weekly Global Update for June 28, 2017

June “Flash” PMI Leading Indicators; Japan Update; Smartphone Makers may see Component Shortages in 2H’17 resulting from Design-In of Larger Memory Capacity, High-Density Batteries, High-Resolution Cameras as well as Dual-Lens Camera Modules; German Robotics & Automation Sales Expected to Grow 7% Y/Y in 2017 after New High in 2016; Cellphone IC Sales Projected to Grow 16% y/y in 2017 to US$84.4 billion while Personal Computing Systems' IC Market will increase 9% y/y to US$80.1 billion; Worldwide 3D Printer Shipments increased 29% in 2016 while Revenue Grew by more than 18% Year over Year; Worldwide Top-5 Notebook Vendors Combined Shipments increased 26% m/m & Top-3 ODMs expanded 34% m/m in May; Win Semi Looks to 5G Base Station Construction for 2018 growth

06.22.2017 New Passive Component Design Kit for IoT Applications

The Internet of Things is not only driving the electronic component market, but it’s also influencing the direction design/development kits are taking. While passives and connectors are changing to meet the new demands of IoT projects (for example many IoT nodes need capacitors for coupling, decoupling and filtering), manufacturers also are being asked to deliver smaller packages that deliver the same capacitance or resistance as their former larger versions along with excellent reliability and a high Mean Time To Failure (MTTF).

06.21.2017 Weekly Global Update for June 21, 2017

European Update; N America-Based SEMI Equipment Manufacturers May Global Billings up 41.9% Y/Y; China Accounted for 10 of Top 14 Leading Smartphone Suppliers in 2016, Share Grows to 39%; Worldwide Internet of Things Spending to Grow 16.7% Y/Y to $800 Billion+ in 2017 and to nearly $1.4 Trillion by 2021; Automotive Electronics Market: A View from Material Supplier; Handset Component Business Outlook Positive in 2H’17; NAND Flash Memory Chip Market to Have Severe Shortage in 3Q’17. Tight Supply Will Persist Through 4Q’17; Global Glass Fiber Market Forecast to Grow 4.8% CAGR to $9.4 Billion by 2022; U.S. Industrial Production Declined 0.4% in May, after 1.1% Increase in April

06.15.2017 Analysis of First Quarter 2017

The connector industry shipped $1.365 billion more this quarter than the same period in 2016 for a sales increase of +10.8%. Orders booked were $14.565 billion versus $12.640 billion in 1Q16 for a +15.2% increase.

06.14.2017 Weekly Global Update for June 14, 2017

Global Electronic Supply Chain 1Q’17 Growth Update; Regional Electronic Equipment Monthly Revenues; China/Taiwan Update; U.S. April Electronic Supply Chain Shipments, Orders & Inventories; Global Semiconductor Sales increased 20.9% y/y to $31.3 billion; WSTS Forecasts Semiconductor Market's Largest Growth year in over 5 years; Worldwide Server Shipments declined 4.2% to 2.6 million units in 1Q’17; LED Lighting Vendors & Makers procured LED devices in excess of actual demand in 1H’17, resulting in high inventory levels; SoftBank to acquire Robotics Businesses from Alphabet (Google); IoT Semiconductors Sales Projection lowered to 16.2% y/y increase of $21.3 billion in 2017; Global analog ICs and power transistors for power management average value will increase of 11%

06.12.2017 Six Classes

Chemicals used in commerce become regulated in one of two ways: proactively and reactively. Historically, chemical regulation (i.e., restriction, disclosure, labeling, etc.) has been reactive and narrowly focused. Something – often horrible – happens, investigation shows it was due to a particular substance (or class thereof), and that substance becomes regulated.